Each Thursday afternoon in a small meeting room–lit by the afternoon sun to a temperature of swelter–parishioners of St. Steven’s Catholic Community weave miracles from ordinary plastic grocery bags to provide shelter from the ground to the homeless who live on the streets of the greater Phoenix area. A group made up of mostly women, talented in the art of crochet, use large hooks and loop yards of plastic ‘yarn’ around their fingers in a single crochet method to create a ‘mat.’ Each mat is worked long enough and wide enough to provide as much comfort and protection as possible.

Where do you sleep at night? These mats become the beds for many who have nowhere else to sleep, and to be lifted up from the elements, but by what these faithful parishioners provide.

Some of the members of this ministry are pictured here, holding one of their completed mats.

Mat Project

For more information, contact: Nan Desmarais at 480.895.2515.